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About Us

Dr. Abdullah Al Mozher Medical Center is one of the leading medical centers of the highest quality, providing a variety of medical procedures for patients by the best doctors who provide the best medical care to our clients using the latest medical equipments, technologies and advanced treatments. In the southern region, the Medical Center embraces a unique concept in terms of patient wide choice for all age groups, as well as a full range of medical services all under one roof, including medical and cosmetic procedures and services, dentistry and a wide range of medical consultations By our specialists in various fields and methods of sterilization of dental machines with the latest equipment. Body care products and skin care products.

The Medical Center offers a complete range of medical, therapeutic and cosmetic services. The Dr. Abdullah Al Mozher Medical Center is one of the most advanced medical center in the region. We aim to provide high quality medical services in various medical specialties, and currently includes a number of departments and clinics: Dentistry and Cosmetic Clinics, Obstetrics and Gynecology Clinics, Al Batinah Clinic, Laboratory Department, Radiology Department, Dental Laboratory, complete with the latest in dental technology (therapeutic and cosmetic) of equipment and equipment. Expand medical and therapeutic services and keep abreast of what is new in medical services. The Dr. Abdullah Al Mezher Medical Complex is characterized by integrated sections for women in order to preserve privacy and maintain the Shari’a controls.